So you want to a be a ramper.... FAQs Part 1

So You Want to be a Ramper… FAQs
Hello IFC, Today I am going to be presenting some information about what it’s like being a ramper and working for the airlines. I know there are a lot of rampers and they can for sure jump in on my post and give their feedback. Let’s get started.

Flight Benefits. Now, if you work for a legacy carrier like AA, Delta, United you can travel anywhere domestically for free. You do have to pay a small fee in order to go international. Now working for a service provider like me where we do multiple airlines mostly these ultra low cost carriers, our flights are not free. We do have to pay a few in order to travel.

Helping People: You get to help people. You’re responsible for the safety of the flight and making sure the airplane has nothing wrong before the flight. You’re in charge of getting peoples bags to their final destination in a timely manner.

Airplanes. Were all aviation geeks. So being around airplanes is something we all love doing. So why not everyday get to be up close and personally with them and work with them too.

Teamwork and Leadership Skills: On the ramp, teamwork is important. If you do not work well with a team then this job is not for you. In order to be successful, everyone must come together to get the airplane and passengers out on time. These duties may include loading and unloading bags, wing walking, dumping lavs, etc.

Resume Builder: Many of us inspire to be commercial pilots. Getting a job as an airline ramper is a very fun, exciting and full-filling job. It’s also a great thing to have on a resume if you ever get an airline interview. Most of my pilot friends have started on the ramp and it has gotten them to where they are now. Ex. A friend of mine recently got hired to be a Delta 717 FO after becoming a regional airline captain and doing 4 years there. He started off as a ramper working for delta.

These are my 5 pros that I think will encourage others to be an airline ramper. The next part will be the Cons which will come out later in the week. As always I welcome questions on the thread but please do not answer them unless either I or another ramper answers you. I do not want to spread false information.


Hold up… if you’re a ramper for United, you could fly a route like Philly to Los Angeles on American for free?

No… you could only fly the United aircraft BUT you could ZED on AA

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Huh. What is ZED?

Zonal Employee Discounts


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