So, What Can we do Differently?

If you’ve been around long enough, I’m sure you’ve heard it here.

“It was chaos at yada-yada on expert today,” or something similar to that. Almost every time IFATC opens up somewhere, and then when IFATC closes somewhere.

It gets repetitive, even the replies.

So instead of repeating this process every time a topic like this pops up, what can we do differently? Sure, it’s quite a vague and broad question but specifying it should be left to you.

As usual if this is outside the boundaries or anything else concerning don’t be hesitant to point it out or flag it, I’m not too sure myself.


If I’m being honest, these posts usually stem off of an experience at a hub. My suggest would be to expand. your. boundaries. Most people will make topics like these, or just in general, have a feeling around the same lines, but instead of flying to the hubs and getting angry, maybe go to the less visited airports and see what they have to offer. You’d be surprised how beautiful some of the other airports listed on the schedule are. :)

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Not much. Unless mods decide to manually approve all topic’s and post’s. Or pilots behave.

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Deal with it and move on. Life is unfair in many ways.

It’s not like IFATC is life-threatening or anything so I really don’t understand why occasionally people panic so hard when atc closes.


The best thing I can offer to you is ensure you aren’t part of the problem. If ATC closes, utilize unicom, maintain awareness, and if needed you should hold or divert.

If you notice ATC is having a somewhat tough time, try to help them by ensuring you’re following all instructions and reducing their workload. I’ll shamelessly plug my own topic.


Just gonna throw this out here: if there is a potential on-runway conflict coming up and cannot be corrected, and ATC fails to notice (or went off line), the person at the higher altitude should go around.

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