So thrilling in traffic congestion

It is so thrilling to fly in such congested area!
To be frank, it is really my first time!🤩 Screenshot_20210903-165035|820x369


I hope you can see the screen shot I share…

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You should fly when @AviatorDan is live streaming😅 That’s some real congestion 😂


I remember how much I loved seeing congested traffic for the first time! I remember an old FNF when I was new with the hub having 300+ inbounds and it was so cool!

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Really is fun when everyone is headed to the same place! I bet Sydney is packed right now. Just wait a few hours later when more people wake up it’ll really be packed

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So true, that’s why I love it too!

Add to that hearing all the communications back and forth, then suddenly we’re being contacted.
…just so cool.

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