So this just happened

I was flying the sidewinder , and Jedi transitions and was flying behind one of my pilots from the 77th GAF VIPER squadron… when suddenly in strait and level flight 500 ft off the deck It happened to my pilot as well… both of us at the same time

yup… CRASH… except I did not hit the ground, was at 450kts even… I do not like crashing, in fact the only reason I’m posting this is I’m so stunned this happened… I could not log my flight… just throwin this out there that it’s a bummer… that’s a real bummer man!!


450kts at a very low altitude in terrain. What could possibly go wrong!?..

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That’s what fighter pilots do, bus driver


I’m done with rules… do this don’t do that… I’m over it… I’ll post wherever I wish, when I wish… I trust admin will do their job


Lets no over react a bit. People like to “assist” on this forum by trying to correct your threads. Yes it can be annoying sometimes but moderators cannot do that all the time as they are busy. Though he was completely wrong just pm him and correct him your self. If you get wrongful information dont hesitate to dm the person about it questioning their reasoning.

Not a good way to look at things.

As for the crash that was super unfortunate.


Life is full of risks, This country was founded on taking risks… it also questions and challenges authority… rules were made to be broken, boxes were made to go outside of…

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Imagine a 40000 user community without any rules. It probably wouldn’t, and couldn’t exist. Rules are made for a reason.


Imagine a 40000 user community with 20000 mini-mods lingering over every topic and takes pride in always pointing the finger at people instead of simply just flag if they feel something is inaccurate, inappropriate or whatever…

It’s Holiday season people, take a break.

The #general category is exactly for topics such as this. Just because it happens to contain a picture, doesn’t necessarily mean it HAS to go into #screenshots-and-videos… or because it happens to contain some sort of issue - #support