So this happened...

In my World History Honors class at my school, we do current events on Wednesdays. Today, this one kid did an event on Airbus saying they would make more planes than Boeing, and the general Airbus vs. Boeing rivalry. I was insanely happy.


Quality > Quantity.

That being said, Airbus wouldn’t be where they are today without Boeing so props to the OG of the commercial aviation world are due.


I meant that I was happy an aviation theme was reported in class. Not that Airbus did anything.


Boeing has made a series of bad decisions. I could see it happening.


At the current state of both companies, I’d say that Boeing is doing better in an overall marketing aspect than Airbus. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.


Considering that just the number of 737’s built numbers over 9,000 makes it highly unlikely that Airbus ever surpasses Boeing in aircraft built. 10,000 is an achievement for sure and no hate to Airbus,but Boeing has a longer history and a military division to sell aircraft.

Since Boeing is doing better at marketing, could it be that Airbus aircraft are selling themselves without marketing?

Boeing has delivered 23,000 aircraft and have another 17,000 unfilled. Just to give you an idea of how massive Boeings footprint is. Airbus has just 26,000 orders and deliveries in total.

No it’s really because the A320ceo’s production is nearly done so a lot of operators are looking for replacements. There are still 1100 unfilled orders for the 737 NG so those operators aren’t in the market for the Max yet. Those orders will come in by the mid 2020’s though.

Fair point, but the 737 is getting to a point where it is arguably over-stretched. Is Boeing going to lose sales from that? Not to mention that current unfilled 737 NG orders will be out the door in the next 2 years at 52 planes a month, those orders will probably come in for the NSA, those planes will easily last for 17-22 years.

If anything Boeing will have to slow production down. 52 a month were great for when you have 7000 orders but if you want a lasting program with have that order amount you need to cut production in half.

Not when they want to transition to the MAX in 2 years.

I’m talking about Max production rate. The Max wouldn’t be able to sustain 52 deliveries a month.

They will, I wouldn’t worry. At about 624 a year, they have 5 years of MAX orders on the books, plenty of time to fill the slots further out.

Not necessarily, due to the fact that Airbus contributes to or possesses marketing aspects as well.

Sure they have a marketing department, doesn’t seem like they need it right now.

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