So, this happened like 10 minutes ago in EGLL…

This user (Speedbird) was spamming more than 20 minutes the same transmission, trying to stop the departure and stay there on the highway. This happened on Training Server.

In my personal behavior about these conduct I just ignored the player and stop doing atc procedures but this guy really was annoying. The link will go directly to the file where I recorded all what happened.


Are you doing ATC at EGLL to try and build up ops to begin IFATC training?

If you want to avoid trolls, try opening a tracking thread at smaller airports, and see if some people will join you.

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Nah, just chill. I do really love that airport but yeah… trolls over here, trolls over there.
Getting used to it tbh haha

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Hey, @eliotp10! Since it was in the training server (Kinda normal to happen), you can’t do anything. That server is for pilots that are “learning or are new” in IF. If you want to practice towards your ATC I will suggest you create an ATC Tracking Thread, also if you want to avoid things like that, try not to open big HUBS like EGLL, KJFK, KLAX, etc… (Still the possibility that it’ll happen everywhere you open, but not frequently.)

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