So this happened in Paris

Device: iPad Mini 6
Operating system: iOS 16.2 (will download 16.5 now)

Spawned at a gate where the staircase was connected and not the jet bridge. To my surprise when I pressed PAX the jet bridge went right into the stairs. The staircase instead moves away when I turn on the beacon lights.

I doubt this was on the 23.2 script but stuff happens. Wanted to share this.

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I’ve also had this happen recently. I was at a remote gate and I spawned in the passenger stair truck. There also happened to be one that was parked next to me as scenery and they overlapped each other. Kind of interesting.

At a remote the stairs are supposed to be there… the one for scenery is unfortunately placed lol.

But you’ll sometimes see these stairs if you spawn at a large gate with a small plane it seems. So the stairs and jet bridge will overlap.

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Restart the app and the stairs should no longer be there

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