So Monterrey Mexico back to KCHS

aero Mexico 737
Magni 737’s look at the old engines on that lady
image AeroMexico tail line up during pushback
image Korean Air 777-300er with custom livery

717 md88 rial line up.
md88 looking for his gate
random air buses and others.
had to get the fly delta jets

Finally getting home
C17 'a and tail line ups at Charleston AFB
image not sure what happened but this pilot was not having a good day

Photos didn’t load in the right order


Any way you could get the text and pictures to align with what you’re talking about? Currently they’re just jambeled up in random places. Nice pictures overall.


Thanks Kevin posting from my mobile just no realizing I need to load on at a time :(

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Not a problem man, like I said, they’re great pictures anyway. Thanks for sharing.

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I love that C17 tail line up, first time I’ve seen a pic of one.

Nice pictures! 👌🏻👏🏻 love that Magni 😍


Cool filter in the retro looking “Fly Delta Jets” sign. Nice spots!

Thanks jdag2004. I see it a lot but didn’t take it for granted this time

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Thanks cap. Here is another couple from two years ago when I went to Spain.

In doing this I’ve come across some older photos that I will need to organize and post. I can’t wait


Atc guys might like that first one

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