So many YouTubers

Wait how? Can you explain plz?

I’m thinking of streaming my iPad to my Windows PC and use a PC screen recorder, but how do I stream my iPad to PC does anyone know?

Most of the software to do that on Windows cost money.

Quicktime player

Did you know that at the time I didn’t know the recording system was only for android?

Did you know that I didn’t know the post was outdated?

Check this ;)

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Jail breaking is a REALLLY BAD idea.


Which means you’re left with AirShou. If it won’t open redownload because it was updated/

sure no problem…just connect your iphone/ipad to your iMac/Macbook pro…then open Quicktime…select when it opens there is a small arrow which will appear…you must select the name of your iphone/ipad and then to record press the red button…off you go…

exactly…well said

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Okay, thanks! Just a question though…does storage matter? Because I have little to none left on my device.

you can download an app to help shrink the size

Wait does it work with Macbook Air? Because I saw no such arrow.

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I’m kind of late, but if you have a computer you can download a program called AirServer, and another called OBS. It is way easier than using airshou.

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