So many YouTubers

Lately, a lot of Infinite Flight youtubers have been advertising here. I am aware most of them use Android’s recording system.

I want to become one of these YouTubers, but I use iOS. Does anyone know how to record your screen on iOS without using those emu4ios ones.


Infinite Flight has a built in recording system…


Maybe apply to be a IFYT i am 1

Do you have a Macbook?

Check out this great video by @Riley_Dunshea, it will teach you how to get a screen recorder on iOS!

Not on iOS

I said nothing to do with emu4ios

Air shou is not stable and has tons of issues.

I have had no issues with it at all…

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If you have a Mac, you can connect your iDevice to it and screen record.

That is the reason I said no emu4ios recorders. Their all terrible

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Oh, sorry! I didn’t see that last part.

@_keithjames99 Do you have a MacBook?

Apply for IFYT i am 1

No I don’t :(

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Jailbreak or use IEmulators

with a iMac/Macbook you can use Quicktime to record


Or do it the Bulba way

  1. Get Airshou or something

  2. Record

  3. Feel happy

  4. Edit

  5. Upload.

This is only if you have a Windows computer. And if you don’t want Airshou then try to find a screen recorder.

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Airshou is the only one without a jailbreak. It’s your choice. If it crashes just redownload it. It means it got an update.

Did you hear what he said? He doesn’t have an android!