So many smooth landings

Have you ever seen so much smooth landings in one video? Especially the first one. Never heard of the term aerodynamic breaking.

Video credits to: Schipholhotspot


Aerodynamic breaking is when you touchdown on the runway and hold the nose of the aircraft up for a while so more wind hits the wing and slows you down rather than using your actual brakes.


Nice. The KLM Asia livery looked good.

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obviously have never seen me land. I take smooth landings too a whole new definition


Prove it! I don’t believe you! 😂

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haha there is youtube videos for that

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I believe this is a duplicate. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Aerodynamic breaking just means hold the nose up as long as possible. My record is nose being up at 50 knots


I do love the aerodynamical braking, so cool

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You’re right. I’ll flag it

If we had gear tilt it would be a lot easier to do this in IF.

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Yeah. I hope it’ll come with the next update.