So many Queen's missing


You know…

Why: my passion, historic moments

Where: Earth

Goodbye queen’s will miss! I decided to make a tribute to these bird’s that will never fly again in real life.

Bye Qantas 747 , thank you for every flight: 🇦🇺 (now in Victorville, Arizona)

Bye Cathay Pacific Queen: 🇭🇰 💚

Now KLM, only cargo, old pax plane: (now in Teruel, Spain)

BA , flown with your Queen 2 times, fly high: (now stocked in Teruel, Spain)

Lufthansa, thank you for bringing these birds to life today

And 2 finals, my main passion, Space, i visited each one:

747 Sofia NASA , now in Tucson museum of aviation

And SCA 747 NASA ,now in Houston TX,

Hope you enjoyed this (weird) tribute of myself!

And again thank you and don’t cry

Remember: stay strong and focus.


California* But nice pics!


Thank you, i’m sorry lol saw Arizona during my research,

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