So many IF events!

Is it just me or how hard is it too try to attend every event on IF that fits your schedule. Like the times are so different because people from all the world play IF it’s crazy 😂


Yeah they are all at different times. My recommendation is to find an event that you think you most-likely - guarantee you can attend, and request a gate. Then just go with the flow and have fun! Time-wise, there is nothing we can do about it as we have people from the US to Dubai playing IF.

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It’s so cool they should host an event like in every country so us avgeeks can communicate together

I recommend you attend the Friday Night Flights (FNF) and fly where IFATC is controlling. You will see a lot more traffic.

Friday Night Flights are hosted by Mark, and the info is posted on Thursday.

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Isn’t that the point of a good community? The ability to attend an event that interests you pretty much whenever is generally seen as a good thing. I recommend finding one you really want to fly to ensure that it’s enjoyable. No sense trying to attend them all and losing interest.

Every event?! My recommendation is to start your own event around you liking!

Guys I was talking about a real life event like a convention.

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You just gave me an idea. 🤔

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I think you forgot East Asia lol, I always need to wake up at 3 am to attend some of the events…


I too have to adjust my schedule. LoL we all do.

The problem is whenever there is a event made for eastern timezones, no one usually shows up. Would love to see the statistics so when planning an event, I could be more sure of my choice of the time and date.

The amount of events I have attended from the forum can be counted on one hand (I have 5 fingers only, you weirdos)


I thought you had 6 fingers… well it’s confirmed he doesn’t not now

It is also good to join a VA as they regularly have group session. I fly with Air France VA and it’s always good to have a group flight .

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