So Many Features, So Precious Votes! How do You Navigate Them?

Hello community! The world of aviation is vast and beautiful. As such, there are thousands of aspects to it that each resonate with us in different ways. Consequently, we all have knowledge and experiences that are tailored to our individual personalities and often translate to what we hope for as a future in Infinite Flight.

There is so much that we’d all like to see added or improved. A quick perusal through the forum will reveal that! From aircraft, to liveries, to airports and everything in between, they are so many great ideas. Yet we only have a limited amount of votes, and for good reason. We can’t possibly go around voting for every single feature that we like, it just isn’t practical. But that doesn’t mean that the number of good ideas is constrained to this. And it certainly means that the request total for some features is not reminiscent of the true support behind them.

For example, in my personal case, I would never vote for a KLM, Turkish, or Blue Air B738 even though I absolutely believe they are essential and critical because they are relatively standard liveries, and I’d much rather vote for something more special to me, like the 737 Classic. But once again, that does not mean I am not for these liveries.

Having limited votes encourage’s the useful utilization of them. But, just how do you go about employing them? Do you vote for what you most care about most, or what you feel has the best chance for making an impact. What’s your strategy to this classic predicament of supporting a feature!


I vote tactically, very tactically indeed.

I search for features that I am interested in and would love to see added, for example the A380 rework.

I then look at the votes and see how many votes that feature specifically has. If it has a large amount of votes and support like the A380 rework feature request does, whilst I support it and would love to see it, I would avoid “wasting” my precious votes on it, as it already has more than 1,000 votes, which is a lot of support.

In other instances, I vote for features that I would like to see added and especially use a vote if the feature doesn’t have many votes or support at the time of voting. Also once a feature is confirmed, I remove my vote obviously so I can gain that vote back.


For me, I follow my own rules:

  • I never vote for an aircraft rework, since most of the time the aircraft for development is decided via a community poll (B777, A330) or internally (B757, F18 and ERJs). Feature votes may affect internal choices but I believe all aircraft will be reworked eventually. I’ll only vote for an aircraft when there’s a community poll.

  • I don’t vote for popular airlines, especially those from EU or US. For example, in the upcoming ERJs, liveries like American Eagle, Delta and KLM cityhopper are seen by me as “very likely” to be added, therefore I won’t waste my votes on them though I really do think they need to be added. Instead, I might vote for some unique liveries from other parts of the world.

  • I usually follow the trend toward the following aircraft rework. For example, last year my votes are spent mainly on A330 liveries, and now I am spending some votes on ERJ liveries.


I have quite a few rules.
1 what is the probability is going to get added: for example if a rework is coming up and I see a livery requests for the rework I am more likely to vote for it
2 how much support does it have. if something has many votes I’m less inclined to vote for it.
3 if something has been up for a while now and has only a few votes like 1 or 2 I won’t vote for it because it probably not going to gain traction
4 what I want: If I see something that I really want in the game I will vote for it no matter what. I think this is the rule you should follow because it only show what the community wants


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