So many crashes!

Hello! I flew about a three hour ish, flight from ATL-DEN and about 12 minutes before I was going to arrive my if suddenly crashed. This isn’t a long flight and I have a iPad Air 2 which should do good on it from my experiences. Any help? Thanks.

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This is an iOS issue,
This will be fixed in 20.1 if everything goes fine

Ways to prevent this is to keep camera away from ground while cruise use low graphics and low to none planes. Soft restarting before flights also helps

Restart your device before every flight. Works all the time and haven’t had a crash in a while. Just try to avoid looong flights. Btw there’s a bunch of info already

Yes! I have tried restarting my device and following all tips, such as pointing the camera to the sky, lowering graphics etc: I was just wondering if there’s any specific thing I can do to ensure this doesn’t happen. Or at least get a Awnser on why.


All the details need to decrease the chances for this happening, can be found below. There is no way to ensure it doesn’t happen.

We know it sucks. It’s a painful one. But hopefully it will be a thing of the past soon!


There isn’t. Wait for the update and hopefully it’ll be fixed by then.

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It’s because of a memory leak issue with 19.4 update, Turning off HUD and and turning on low power mode (app) might help, but not solve. Best to wait till 20.1

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