So Long, Partner

Hello there

The sun is soon setting on one of the oldest family of aircraft in the IF fleet, and indefinitely for two of them. So a me and three others had quickly set up a 4 ship flight, each of us taking one of the four EJets. This is a memorial flight conducted by @United403 in the E170, myself in the E175, @EnthusiasticAviation in the E190 and @Butter575 in the E195.

The Usual Mini Mod Repellent

Aircraft: E175
Cruise Alt: 22,000ft
Server: Training

I don’t know where the boxes in the top left of some of the photos came from, i thought it was fixed some time ago

1| All of us at the terminal

2| Sitting at the gate

3| We’re able to line up on the taxiway better than this i promise

4| Taxiing to the departure runway

5| Climbing out

6| Cruising along as the sun gets closer and closer to the horizon, @United403 over in the distance.

7| A little ways out from Boise still being tailed by @EnthusiasticAviation

8| Moments from touchdown, whilst @United403 goes around

9| The sun is close to setting on the legacy EJets


Got a favorite photo or two/

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I have flown a lot in the EJet as of late, I’m looking forward to the rework yet kinda sad to see the old one go. May the E170 and E195 Rest In The IF Heavens alongside the Super Decathlon, and Space Shuttle.

Thanks for dropping by

~if there are any formatting mistakes or what not, let me know~


A lovely sendoff <3


Despite a number of hiccups encountered, it went pretty well

(Think doing donuts to avoid violations, crashes, dead batteries)

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Cheers to all the amazing legacy EJet memories

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And end of an era, but a doorway for opening with the reworked e175!

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All the usual things one must expirence for a proper aircraft send-off

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One chapter closes, another opens

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Yep perfectly normal

N190EM at your service ._.

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I guess you learn something new everyday. I didn’t even know they were removing the E170 and E190, I just though they were reworking the E175 and E195.

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you got the E19Xs reversed

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