So, like, who wants to fly with me?

Hey guys. Gabe here, fairly experienced with Flight Gear.

I’m down for a flight with anyone, but I prefer speaking on something like Skype or something of the sort whilst we fly so we can know what’s going on without one of us having to suddenly “dissapear” without the other wondering if you’re just switching out your aircraft, your internet temporarilt spiked out, or you’re actually gone.

For anyone that wants to (And I prefer a Grade 2 and up level, since I’m a 2 myself. And for those of you wondering, I’m not like 14 or so. I’m 19 going on 20 in January.), maybe tonight at around 10-ish (EST), send me a Skype request at “Bluephobes”. In the request, put that you’re form here and you want to try and fly.


Gabe (Blue)

I’d happily fly but no skype

Then get a Skype account lol it’s that simple…

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