So Im a FAA remote pilot but I do really want to get hit by the world of ATC

Just got my licence few months ago and already want to learn more about being and feel how to handle a ATC. Meantime on the game I got almost 800 operations so “technically” I do know the basics and I read the ATC manual on the page, what advice could gave our veterans ATC operators when I’m ready to apply for ATC in a future?

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A good way to practice is to create a tracking thread and invite users from the community to fly at your ATC sessions.

You can learn how to do that below:

And when you reach TL1, apply for IFATC and get your written exam out of the way as soon as you can. Then you can get into the official IFATC training pool, where you can have an IFATC trainer help you for the practical test.


I really appreciate your time on telling me this. I hope in a future do a ATC section, I had a airport that I love to practice and is kinda uncommon. I hope everyone can participate. As I said, thanks brother!


No problem!

I can see that you have already reached TL1, so here’s a little more information about how to apply for IFATC. All the steps and the procedure are outlined in detail below:

Also take the practice exam, it’s really beneficial to learn basics and understand what they look for on the exam. keep doing what you are doing and ask the community. Look forward to seeing you!

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I do! I’m currently ATC’ing on Training Server and watching how ATC Controller manage in Expert Server for reference in my practices. Thanks for the advice!

There is also a video on the IF YouTube Chanel called the perfect ATC test. That was very helpful when I was practicing

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