So I'm #16 to land at St Maarten


Traffic sucks… This an event?


Lots of spacing. It’s nice to see this :)


gives a lot of time to back taxi and allow for departures which is good


Exactly was I thinking. Tbh (from personal experience from controlling on advanced) it’s the hardest airport to control imo


TNCM told me to switch to Approach, but Approach was unmanned…


Same… I think it was a computer doing vectors… Good job dough

I guess tower doesn’t know that app is offline. He will find out soon. Give him 2 minutes

Hard with 16 customers in the lane.

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The tower was horrible I crashed because he told me to go around on final because a plane cut me off

But idc still got 737xp and 1 hr of flight time

If the tower would’ve made the guy who cut me off go around that would’ve been better cause my wing hit the ground trying to avoid the guy who cut me off and if I accelerated forward instead of turning right away I would’ve crashed into the guy

No approach controller in a busy airspace makes trolls troll

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It happens

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This is a very good aproach pattern

Very nice. But the holding patterns should help relieve the congestion so you won’t need such a big “arc” to feed you in.

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