So I was thinking about starting a FedEx VA who's interested?

I noticed that FedEx still lacks a VA so I decided to see if anyone else was interested, also I hope this VA can raise awareness for the MD 11 and DC 10 (Specifically a FedEx liveries as well as other liveries) that are still missing from the game.


I don’t think VA’s influence plane developping.

I would join,

But if you want the other planes, you have to make it a different topic.
But no need, theirs already topics about them.

But I would join! I love FedEx, I see 777s and DC-10s fly over everyday into KOAK

Also have a topic on the ATRS

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I think they it would if the group was big enough

Doubt it.

The AirExpress.jet VA has over a hundred pilots and it is the only one that has that much. There is no AEJ aircraft on IF.

American Airlines has over 150
Quantas has way more
Many VAs have over 100…
And if your gonna hate you shouldn’t be on this forum, we are a community that is there for each other and that all share a common interest, so go hate somewhere else but it won’t be allowed here

Both of you shut up and stop arguing.