So I got ghosted again

_I just ghosted because I couldnt respond to the approach controller or wasn’t too quick to respond I was literally about press approach and start contacting but right as I did that they ghosted me they also said I’m the reason that I got ghosted cuz I followed my flight plan? is it possible to reverse this ghost idk if this is a good reason that u could not respond quickly enough or are the atc at expert just too strict help I spend most my time flying in expert so if I cant access expert then I can’t fly and wanted to ask how many days or weeks till the ghost goes away?

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If you wish to receive a detailed explanation on your ghosting, you are welcome to contact the controller that ghosted you. Their name will be in your logbook, and if you have trouble finding their IFC Username, we can assist.

Your ghosting will last 7 days considering you still meet all other requirments outlined in your grade book.

(It is unclear in your post, but if you truly could not contact them and were not just too slow or not following directions, you can let them know along with any screenshots you may have. There have been issues recently with people not being able to respond to ATC. But again, this is only if the game itself physically did not let you respond.)


Yea thanks!

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