So I got a job, any helpful notes?

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So I got a job (duh), I’ve just been approved for a 6 week contract to work with a little airline called Cristal Air (not a link), I’m working as the mechanic there, so I’ll just be picking up any jobs that are available there to maintain the quality of the old aircraft. They are about 5-10 Cessna 152’s, all located at a small grass airfield near a village called Sedlescombe.

I want to know if there is anything you know personally of some information and helpful hints that you can pass onto me for me to drag along with me through my career. I hope to be a commercial pilot, I thought aircraft mechanics would he better than a vet or decorating 😂

Oh hey I found some pictures. credit


And a video of the ridiculous airfield that’s more bump than Lukla



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Congratulations, I hope you have great time at that job!

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@Ecoops123… MaxSez: Good on ya Mate! I started on the ramp emptying honey buckets, cleaning GA windscreens & begging rides before you where a gleam in your Da’s eye’s. There’s nothing like the smell of burning AvGas in the morn, Good Luck “Chief” Pilot. MaxSends


What’s the airport code?


Get into rotorwing, want to travel and live in really cool places that’s the way to do it. Most of our MX stay with our pilots and some are actually commercially rated helicopter pilots so they build up free hours while working on their machines! There’s good money in it over seas right now as a MX guy

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I’ll ask the guy when I start, but i can’t seem to find one, if there was it would be an EG##. It’s a private airfield, and not even in Infinite Flight.

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