So I am buying live+!

So I am absolutely clueless when to buy live+. I am super excited that I am getting it but I don’t know when to get it.
What do you think?

  • I should buy live+ at Christmas
  • I should buy live+ in February
  • I should buy live+ in March
  • I should buy live+ this week

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If you buy it at Christmas (assuming you get money as a gift) you could renew it right away, plus get the whole years worth of gifts from FDS :p


For god sake really?

Just get it when you have the money and your sub runs out.


Honestly, don’t see the point of a thread like this one. If you are very excited and want to play ASAP, simply get it now. Just my two cents.


I’m going to buy it too at christmas too! bought the Monthly live a couple of times, now its time for the one year! :)

Buy it at cristmas

Congratulations ;) Best purchase you will ever make!

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why does it matter, I agree with @IceBlue get it as soon as you can afford it. Don’t Wait, its amazing why would you?

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Get it immediately.


Im not saying your wrong for creating this topic nor ice blue we are saying you should get it immediately, you haven’t given any reason as to why you would wait so why not get it straight away. it makes sense

No, I think i’ll get live on christmas. That’s why I made this topic.

Why do you want to wait?

Because now isn’t the best time of the year to get live+. I can get the money for live+ on Christmas. I do have the money but when live+ for me finishes, I don’t want to stop playing so on Christmas I can just get live+ on my account straight away.

Unnecessary post.