So? How do you guys like the August 2016 update so far?

I love it maybe in the future we could have more liveries on the other variants so we can shoes between the different sizes

Best update to date. Keep the awesome work up Laura :)

Hopefully the responses from the community and the sheer amount of traffic on IF Live testing the new planes clearly shows how happy everyone is with the new update. I’m hoping this makes it up to the developers for the bad response they got after the initial release, nice work :)


Are you aware of this?

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Yep. Just got on Training Server 1, noticed that the load was 94%.

Server is struggling, try again in a little bit.


Besides not being able to fly on live, wonderful job!


I love the new update! Thanks for all your hard work! :)

Decent stuff that will hopefully lead to even better things in the future. Keep up the good work.

October Surprise update will be better, right?

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I am absolutely in love with the new update! Thanks for the wingflex and hard work!



I love this update! Thanks for revamping the 787 and the 777 as well!

I love it! Thanks for putting so much work into the sim.

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I lost all experience and app continues to crash. Re started iPad. Re installed the app. Any suggestions?

I absolutely love it. The wing flex is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing smoke on landing (not easy in coding. But, I’m patient). I would love to see the landing lights reflect on the ground, similar to how the strobes currently reflect. I am amazed at how inexpensive this game is compared to how much time goes into keeping it running so well. Kudos to the admin/developers.

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I use the large iPad Pro 128GB without any issues.

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iPad Air 64. Never had issues until now. Always was smooth

Amazing update so far!

I love every single part of the update! Thanks developers!!!

Love this update. 153 flights were in SoCal on expert at once today while I was controlling. The stress level was high but I had a lot of fun. The 787 series is great and the 777-200LR is as well. Dandy work. Quality for the money!

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