So? How do you guys like the August 2016 update so far?

So, how are you guys enjoying the update so far? Do you like the 787? The wing flex? The Drone Camera? The new ATC Commands?

Come try all these out now on Infinite Flight Live! The servers are packed and it’s fantastic!

As always, make sure you update your reviews in the app store, your ratings make a lot of difference :)

On behalf of all the team, thank you everyone for your patience while we worked on this one, hopefully, next one will be even more awesome!
Happy Landings!


im going to have to get used to the hold pattern but i love everything so far

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When I go to live it says I’m offline and I have 0 hrs and I’m a grade 4

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I mean like I’m supposed to be grade 4

Best update so far!!

Yea that happen to me a minute ago I just restarted my device.

The performance of the 787 is just amazing, I can’t stop flying it. Thanks to the dev. teams :)
Also, the drone cam is the best for spotting ;)


It’s a great update, but could some improvements be made to Solo?msuch as atc and ai aircraft. I can’t afford live, so,solo is the mode I play. Adding atc would really I,prove the game. Thanks for the great work on the 787 and the 777s, loving them!



I love it.


Fun to use!

Makes things so much easier.


Love it (especially the Etihad 787-10)

Very nice

Not for me in KSAN tower…


I really enjoy AZAL 787-8 and New Etihad on 777-300ER these liveries are amazing and quality is very high.
BUT many liveries on 787 have color compression like Royal Air Maroc, Air Austral, LATAM, Kenya and A320 family have the same problem yet. 777s still have fuselages with pink and yellow spots. This is sad :(
Wingflex is amazing feature also

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I really like the 787 itself the wingflex is amazing and I can’t wait to try it out on longer routes :D

But: I think some essential liveries are missing and I’d really appreciate a livery update with liveries such [quote=“mbmhwue148, post:5, topic:56794”]
like ANA, British Airways, United, American, Royal Brunei, Thai, Air India and Air Canada (for the 788) aswell as KLM, British Airways and United (for the 789)
They are really missing and would be amazing to have…



Besides the fact us IFATCs are exploding while controlling because even our best can’t handle the amount of traffic there just now after the update, almost forcing us to open a second region besides SoCal… quite good!


@Laura I just saw you in So Cal!!


I am literally putting severe turbulence during cruise to enjoy the wing flex!!😍😍😍


I love it very much Laura! Great work you are the team.

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I love it maybe in the future we could have more liveries on the other variants so we can shoes between the different sizes

Best update to date. Keep the awesome work up Laura :)

Hopefully the responses from the community and the sheer amount of traffic on IF Live testing the new planes clearly shows how happy everyone is with the new update. I’m hoping this makes it up to the developers for the bad response they got after the initial release, nice work :)


Are you aware of this?

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