So cute! :)

Look at this cute little guy in front of me, waiting in line for take off at EDDL earlier on the Advanced Server.
He’s not exactly on the center line but still very cute.
I could power up my number one engine and keep him from getting away! LOL :)


Sorry if there’s a better place to post this.


Your graphics are fantastic!

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Thank you! :)

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If it only was a correctly sized GE90-94B… :/


It seems a bit too big.

This does look a lot like it though. Is the same plane! Name and registration. LOL! :)


That is a big question who is not on centerline :))


That is weird!
As you can see on my picture I’m right on top of it!

By the way, so funny you have a screenshot too!! :)


Have you turned off anti aliasing?

Maybe he just wanted to do the same thing you did only that you came 1st…haha power up your number 1 lol…if only it was possible but i dont think it still could work in IF

Why were you standing so close to him?

Who, me? No. It’s turned on!

Anti-Aliasing is on

Ok no problem, I see the jagged lines alot in screenshots and wonder if people are aware of this setting. Must be as you take a screenshot and it freezes.

To get the screenshot! :)

Well I zoomed in, so that could be it.
This is the original:

You see how the tail and wings aren’t smooth lines. Normally anti aliasing fixes that.

With and without anti-aliasing.

You can’t notice a huge difference :)

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How do you get the liveries of the other planes on such high quality graphics? When I am in live the liveries on the other planes are all blurry :/