So basically... planes - KDEN spotting, March-July 2022

Howdy! It’s been a while, but I decide to share some of my favorite shots over the past couple months from DEN. I finally was able to catch a few bucket-list catches off of my list, as well as travel a couple times in the past weeks. I hope you enjoy!

March 27th:

This session was a superb way to end my spring break, catching a lot of planes in a nice 3-hour session. The light + clouds created great contrast and backgrounds.
Starting this topic off is G-ZBKS, a 787-9 dreamliner of British Airways completing the flight from London as “Speedbird 219 Heavy”, closing in on runway 35R.

Shortly after, I moved into position for 35L to catch a major bucket list one for me. This plane evaded me for four years, and I’m glad to say that I caught Southwest’s classic retro livery. Although I’d already seen it earlier in the session arriving from Cincinnati, it did a quick turn to Montrose so I decided to stick around and see it. Here’s N714CB, the now-retired Southwest Classic Retro 737, arriving in from Montrose as “Southwest 2323”.

The next plane I saw (and the final one of the session) was a good old Canyon Blue 737, this one, registered as N754SW, came in from Houston-Intercontinental as “Southwest 2347”.

April 22nd:

Although getting up at 6:30 in the morning to spot planes isn’t something I do regularly, it was nice to see planes in the morning too, especially ones you’ve flown on before. Here’s Frontier’s Cactus the Coyote, a plane I flew on back in February, arriving in on an early-morning flight from Vegas as “Frontier Flight 776”. It’s also cool that I got to see America’s Greenest Airline on Earth Day.

May 26th:

About a month later, I was on my way to Detroit, so spotting planes on the way out was nice. Although this session could have been better, I did get to see a couple of planes that were interesting.
Starting this section off is Icelandair’s stunning 757-200 painted in the “80 Years of Aviation” livery, showing off some of Iceland’s natural beauty. It was getting a tow to Gate A31 before a flight to Reykjavik as “IceAir 670”

Another interesting, but more common livery that appears at DEN is Lufthansa’s “Star Alliance” livery, as they have a sizeable portion of their A340-300 fleet in the colors. Here’s D-AIGN, an A340 about to pull into gate A41 after the flight from Frankfurt as “Lufthansa 446 Heavy”.

June 3rd:

Only a couple days after coming back from Detroit, I was off to somewhere quite special, in Hawaii. A noon flight regulated a visit to DEN’s epic B-West deck, which is one of my favorite spots to take pictures. Although the mountain views aren’t as clear as they are in the winter due to haze, you can still mostly make them out on the horizon.
This section starts with American’s very nice Reno Air heritage livery, making it the first AA special I’ve seen in almost two years, and the first AA special I’ve seen on the 737. It was operating “American 2368” from Chicago-O’hare.

Although this was just another 757 at the time of this shot, I’d eventually get to take N12114 back home from Hawaii 10 days after this shot. It’s not the first time I’ve spotted a plane that I’d later fly on, but it was a nice surprise, especially considering I do not have a lot of shots of United’s 757-200 fleet. N12114 was getting a tow to gate B22 before a flight to Lihue while Longs Peak looms in the background.

July 4th:

I went out once again on July 4th, seeking to add another airline to my collection. The airline? Edelweiss, direct from Zurich. They only started to fly back here about two weeks ago, and with an upgrade from an A330 to an A340. It was nice to see them back at DEN after a 3-year absence. HB-JMF had the honors of operating “Edelweiss 16 Heavy”.

Although I’ll admit that this isn’t my best shot, I’m just glad that I have a decent shot of this bucket-list catch. This is N369FR, Frontier’s 100th aircraft, and it adorns “Chinook the Gray Wolf” on the tail. I’ve been wanting to catch Chinook ever since Frontier rolled her out, and I finally was able to catch her. “Chinook” was operating “Frontier Flight 579” from Bloomington-Normal.

Thanks for viewing! I hope you enjoyed the photos. Feel free to comment on which one was your favorite!

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