So about that new NOTAM at HAAB

It looks like 25R is indeed used at times for landings and also at times as a taxiway, looking at some FR24 replays (ET707 yesterday would be another example).

How long is the runway? Is it close to the other one?

They are basically the same length I believe

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@United2: @IF787 is right, 12139 and 12467feet respectively.

Ok, so here is my guess. You see in the image above how the runways are close to each other? It is too dangerous to land to aircraft on it at the same time. Winds, other planes, and more can effect this. So in this case IF most likely did this to avoid it.

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Yes, hence why they only operate 1 runway at a time. The problem is that runway switches; neither runway is closed indefinitely. Both are used, just not at the same time.

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it does seem like the use 07R/25L a lot more though, those tire marks, hence why they probably put that as active runway.

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Ok, well there is why. IF has to throw out some realistic procedures and they can’t switch a TFR every day.

Ok, then let ATIS enforce that. A controller can denote 1 active runway. HAAB doesn’t see that much traffic anyway, idk why anyone felt the need to enforce this.

Yah, but ATC isn’t there everyday, so they can’t. It is more to do what they did.

Ok, operating one runway at the time is clear. We get that, and I think we get why the active switches. Or do we?

The questions is (and this determines the NOTAM) whether the inactive runway can be used as a taxi way without permission. If permission to cross this runway would still be needed, than its still a runway, and that could be the reason why on IF we don’t have a NOTAM.

The NOTAM you see in IF is about runways that are permanently used as a taxi way and can be crossed without permission.

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I don’t see the problem, you won’t get a violation or reported for backtaxiing… When there’s no ATC you don’t need permission

What do you mean? Are you wondering if you will get a violation if you taxi on it? Because you won’t.

That’s what I just said…

But that’s the problem:

There IS no permanently closed runway at HAAB.

Then maybe that why there should be no NOTAM in IF.

(Are we going round in circles?)

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Yes there is, that’s like the whole point of this topic: to remove it…

Well, what do we do:

  • Remove the NOTAM cause the runway changes
  • Leave it there, so there’s always one runway closed

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NOTAM removed. Problem solved. Thanks!