So... A Plane Landed On The Highway Next To Me

A plane landed on the highway next to me.

I mean… There’s not really much to say about this. Literally, a plane landed on the highway (Toll 869-Sawgrass Expressway) I drove by it this morning, and my mom had to snap a picture. No, it wasn’t that easy to get a picture, The aircraft is a Piper PA-28 Cherokee! image

Above meme edited by @FLIGHT2. All pictures were taken by me.


That is no C172, but great find!

idk what it is, but not a C172


Looks like a Diamond aircraft possibly a D42 or newer Beechcraft


I have added some news articles there.

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It’s all fun and games until the media calls the highway “tarmac”


I found out the plane! It was in one of the articles. It’s a Piper PA-28 Cherokee

So the plane landed in the Tarmac
Next to the car…

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The car broke through the airport security gates to get onto the tarmac

Imma stop with these jokes before this gets flagged for not being related.


This should be a meme

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Who’s the best meme maker on the IFC?

I will try to make one
Let’s see how this goes

Lol 😂 I’m excited to see it!

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I’d like the credit for telling you to post this 😂

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I will give @Z-Tube All the credit for telling me to post this!

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Ahaha. Thank you very much!

Now, what I was going to say…

That’s not something you see everyday. Hope everyone’s okay!

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Just wondering since I’m flying 737 rn, how can it stop within 10 seconds with full speed brakes and reverses, it is insane.

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I don’t know…

No injuries were reported!

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Tonight I’m going to fill a 737 with full fuel and see how far I can go.

Good luck! You don’t know how real the distance limitations really are… Do it Swiss001 style 😂😂😂