Snowy terrain in the winter

I think it would be kind of cool to have white ground in the winter. It might take a while to get this update, but it is something I would find cool in the future. I think KASE and KDTW and other airports would look great with this feature. What do you think? I personally like how things look in the winter, and I think it will also look good in IF.

Add more substance please, not just two sentences. I want to know more about what you want, and make it appealing. We only have such little votes, so make this something that is worth spending a vote on.


Adding on to what @Chief305 said, this could fall under the “realistic weather” category which has been discussed numerous times in the past.

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It would be fairly cool having white ground giving it the snow effect, however this would mean FDS would have to completely redo terrain colouring, and it would take away some parts of the realistic terrain.

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I could see this when weather and clouds come into the game.

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It would be nice to see in the future although I don’t believe anything soon

This is definitely a cool idea, if you want snowy terrain, you should do some flights in Antarctica & more far north of Canada !

This is a cool idea however this would be extremely hard to implement properly since they would have to change the terrain rendering and all that stuff

Also, please remember to vote for your own request

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Lol, I love the people who immediately chim in with their “Add more substance please, not just two sentences”.

As if what was being requested was not obvious from the title of the post itself.

By adding more content to your post (why it should be added, How it could be implemented, etc.) it looks much more professional and appealing. Just saying “hey, I think this would be cool” isn’t really much of a statement. We can see that you want the feature. Tell us why we should want it too. It is a community after all ;)

My comment was for this topic only.

Snowy terrain is already a default feature in all, if not most flight simulators. Why not IF?
And the how it could be implemented is not up to me to find out. If it could be added, cool. If not, cool.
It’s a simple request after all, not a demand.

Snowy Terrain means, new scenery, so I think after South America and South East Asia gets added then they might consider getting winter scenery

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I see this being really cool. Esspecialy for those of you who dont know what the world looks like snowy it would be especially awesome from the air…

What I said applies to this feature request. It simply doesn’t have much depth. If someone really wanted a feature implemented, they would want to tell others why, no matter how obvious it may sound.

Honestly I couldn’t care less to make my request as appealing to others as possible. I like to fly and enjoy the snowy landscape. Period. If others do as well, nice. If not, whatever.

Plus I don’t even care if this gets implemented or not. I already use desktop simulators where stuff as basic as this are already a default thing and don’t need 15,000 votes to be implemented.