Snowy spotting @KSEA

Just yesterday o went spotting at KSEA for some heavy action! So let’s get to the pics

Starting today with a evo blue 737-700

Next up we have a Alaska a321 NEO

Now to the heavy action! Starting off with a delta A330 NEO

Next up a special Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup 777-200LR

Asiana a330

Now with some more 777 action we have a Emirates 777-300ER

Ending the day with some takeoff lines at KSEA

Thanks for viewing bye 👋


Amazing! Nice spotting!

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The last one with the NEO really shows how big the engines are, and the 777 livery is great! Amazing shots overall, it’s great to see another SEA spotter improving at every new topic!

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Great shots! Really love that lineup at the end.

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Amazing Alaska A321 neo 🥰

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To add what equipment did you use?

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I use a Canon EOS rebel T6 and i don’t know what my tripod is called

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