Snowy spotting in Vnukovo

So, on February 11th I finally went to test my Nikon D850 with my Sigma 150-600 lens which I got recently. So, here are some photos which I submitted to Jetphotos. This topic might update as I run through the footage

TC-JYK on short final

Close up with EI-GCU

VP-BIT about to touchdown

Close up with VQ-BLI on short final

EI-GCU blowing snow from the runaway

Oh hi there, I see you’ve watched till the end, so why not share some feedback with me?


Awesome pics! I really like the atr pic. But I am not sure if they will accept them because the snowflakes add noise. Keep me updated if they get accepted haha

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Of course. But I think they add the one, where EI-GCU blows the snow from the runaway, as it is more of artistic one.

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I am not sure about that tbh, you cant really see the aircraft. Just saying, they might accept it but i dont see it very possible :(

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Some need some noise reduction because of the flakes, like @Lolo31R said, but other than that, great pictures! I love the reflections!


Great pics! I really liked the last image.

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