Snowy Route

Ladies and Gentlemen! This route was done from KLAX To EPWA with a heavy inbound. The approach was windy but visibility was good.


Hmmm I think you should try a B777-200LR for this.

I dont think any 77L’s do this route.

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Oh I though it do. But then how come the A350 will make the flight when it’s a smaller plane than the beoing 777

Size doesnt really matter. In fact, the B77L can fly longer than the A380! It has the 2nd longest range in the world after the A350-900ULR, which only Singapore Airlines has to operate flights inbetween Singapore and Newark.

Here is a chart that shows the longest route for every aircraft:

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Ok now I got it thanks @CHUNGUSflys

I did this route with 787-8

Nice I don’t have infinte flight pro, so I’ll not be able to make that flight.

neither do I :(

Ok I know now, not all of the people here have ifinte flight pro. At least we have the app installed

I only get pro during the winters and the summers. Im starting to get more and more excited. I think in total i’ve played 5 months.