Snowy GA Spotting at KLVN

After waiting to go spotting again for 4 months, I finally got a chance to go spotting for my second time today. Instead of heading to KMSP, I decided to go to a more local airport of mine, Airlake Airport. As it is a Monday, most people headed off to work, but I did get to catch these 2 aircraft doing patterns.

As I arrived on the side dirt road, I managed to catch this Cessna 172 (N739GG) doing his last few legs. Sometimes he would do a touch and go, other times he would do a full stop and then taxi back to the runway.

Later, a Beech Bonanza (N3671M) rolled out of his hangar to do some patterns also, with some really short base turns.




Overall, a fairly uneventful trip, but I was finally able to get outside and spot for at least an hour. I would love to hear feedback on my images and editing, as Iā€™m not very good at it. Also, would you be interested in a website for my pictures? Which Image was your favorite? Feel free to leave all your thoughts down below. :)

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Nice photos! :) I really like the 7th photo, of the Bonanza.

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Really good quality!

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