Snowhog revisit Eielson Afb Alaska

A10s were stationed at Eielson Afb in Alaska until 2007. It was time for a revisit.

A flight from Vancouver (CYVR) to Eielson AFB (PAEI) gives a great opportunity for some shots of the amazing scenery!
Had a short technical stop at Juneau. Approach from the south over Juneau city and right downwind to rwy 08.

Server: Expert
Route: CYVR-PAJN-PAEI (Vancouver-Juneau-Eielson)
Flight time: 3 hours 40 minutes

Departing Vancouver

Snowhog In cruise

Good camo


Arriving for a technical stop

Departure Juneau

Arrival rwy 31 Eielson 1640Z


Those are stunning 😍

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Great pictures! It would have been nice if you also went PAED, Elmendorf AFB.

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Thanks! Good idea, but hadn’t time for it. Barely had time to land lol.

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Amazing pictures Bud! but i would of Chose YQQ as your departing airport as it is a Military/civil airport!

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Thats alright. It’s just a suggestion.

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Thanks! Good suggestion! That would be more realistic for sure.

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Wow. Alaska is an amazing place 🤩

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