Snowgunner’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ CYUL

Welcome to @Snowgunner’s ATC Thread

(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.

I need practice with:

Pattern Work, Runway Changes, Transitions, and departures and coming back into the pattern

Don’t hesitate to comment my work, thank you.











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Hey there,
We are very happy to see you in the process of joining the ATC team!
Please take a look at this thread to help gauge how a tracking guide should be formatted: A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread

Feel free to tag me for future sessions! :)

Best of luck,

Session feedback: N27

*Note I am not IFATC but I am currently training to become one

[01:01:16] This was a theme I noticed across the whole session, you were hesitant to give landing/option clearances. Ideally, you can give clearances very early, even when the aircraft is still on upwind, especially when there is no other traffic.

[01:03:38] You told me to turn crosswind when I requested departure. Not sure if this was a mistake, but in most cases you should just approve the request. After approving the departure request, you can immediately approve frequency change.

[01:12:44] Transition is good.

[01:16:54] Good pattern entry. But again, after issuing this pattern you could have given me option clearance instead of waiting.

[01:25:53] There is no need to clarify traffic direction in this case since you had done it in the previous clearance. You only need to issue traffic direction if you are issuing a clearance to a new/different runway.

Another thing I noticed was that you were generally slow to respond. I’m not sure if this is because you are still getting familiar with the commands, but try to respond to requests as quickly as possible. You did some things well, others you need some work. I think you have a good understanding of patterns and pattern entries, but your clearances and reponse speed need some refining. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Î’m still struggling with the commands and I know I’m too slow to respond. Your comments will help me understand some of weak points. Also, English is not my primary langage, I have to make a quick translation to understand some commands, but they will become instinctives.

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Too bad I saw your post late.

Thanks for the service (from OK-Yeah super)!

Thanks to you, see you next time.

Ah okay, I figured there might be something making your commands a bit delayed. No worries at all! Keep practicing and I’m sure you will improve.

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