Snowball and Pile On Comments

^Are you trying to say my previous post was 1) policing and 2) an attempt at becoming a regular?

Clarify if you meant something else. I can assure you I have no interest in becoming a regular.

No, it’s what you interpret it to be. He’s even emphasizing that it’s not.


No not you at all mate! I meant the author of the topic.

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Understood, I think his intention was to shine a light on the snowballing issue. That is in large part caused by policing/the desire to become a regular.


Yes so I reiterate my point. He’s trying to implement a policy for all active members of the IFC to follow a rule he’s made up, whether it be best practice or not.

Please stop accusing @naro of wanting to become a regular. I agree with his post. Marc touched on this here

Sorry s1b2p5 - I replied to wrong user

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No he’s not. It’s a suggestion on how to approach things.


There are times when it gets out of hand with people just wanting to get an extra small point in even though the question was answered multiple comments ago. But then there’s times where people actually add on with useful information.

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I’m not accusing @naro, quite the opposite. I think he’s made an important point here and I have recommendations to help with it.

Seeing as we’re all sharing what we think, I think that Private Messages are an Excellent feature on offer in this discourse, perhaps you should utilise them 😜

I would say no to this. There are many of us regulars that have worked long and hard to get to where we are now. It’s not purely a numbers game on this forum, you’ll see staff promoting and demoting regulars on various occasions if they deem fit. People that post random rubbish in the hope of becoming a regular are usually restricted or have the title removed.

@naro you have been the voice of reason across many topics. Whether people agree with your comments or not is irrelevant, The points you make are fully valid and deserve to be listened to.

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I had dinner with him on Sunday. Trust me, he’s not - you’ll know when an an actual policy implementation is being put into effect. Also tried poisoning him with the food he ordered at TGI’s.

(Didn’t work…)


I understand it wouldn’t be fair to a lot of those who are currently regulars. However the main problem isn’t the regulars themselves. It’s the people who are desperately trying to become them. That’s what causes all sort of problems.


So the regulars would be collateral damage but I believe it would help the IFC in the big picture.

Commenting on here has become such a big showdown for no reason. Every little thing you say on here gets “policed”. Regulars need to realize that this is a public forum. Get off your high horse.


@s1b2p5… MaxSez: Great minds! I second the notion.

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Can I just point out quickly that 80% of the time, the issue is not regulars. It’s people thinking they’re moderators and the people trying to attain regular.

@s1b2p5 has summarised this quite well



Note: @s1b2p5 believes you shouldn’t have your regular status.

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@naro. MaxSez: Sticks & Stones shine a bright light upon the dull bulbs Naro my man. Fine work repetitively… no flags this time just a “Well Said” my child psychology guru.
G’day, Regards, Max


That’s correct, it sounds like he understands that it would be for the greater good 👍

I agree with this.

I’ve come to a conclusion that there’s more to being nice then policing and acting like a moderator. Its not respected, at all.

All the points you listed are true, and I agree with. Hopefully, something will be addressed soon about the regulars and mini-mods because some are utterly rude, and pretend as if the world revolves around them.

Many people here have lost my respect, not just some regulars.

Once again, well said. Im completely on your side.

(@GlobalFlyer1, oh believe me. Not just the regulars! Members as well. Some earn their badge by simply being active on the forum and not actually contributing in a nice way.)

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