Snow & Update thoughts!

I’m not sure if there is a region with this or if a topic was made already about this subject but it would be really neat to see snow! And awesome update from the Devs!! All though I don’t have the BBJ I love the fog (Thank God for ILS) and all the other new features as well… Great job guys!


snow and all other weather effects, is something that i wish to see one day!


That would be sweet. I’m hoping for some rain, that would be a good start.


Even if they add clouds that would change the simulation TREMENDOUSLY!!!


we need snow DEFIANTLY


Infinite flight one day! 😀


There is a watermark on the image just to warn you infiniteflightmad35

Do you have any idea the processing capabilities of a mobile device?

Rendering for snow wouldn’t be supported by most devices, you’re looking at the top end tablets such as the pro, air and various other android tablets to be able to smoothly run advance weather outlets.

Although cool, it would be VERY costly and time consuming to find a way of adding this, but I’m sure they are looking into it.

//H :-)

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I’ve also made that point, most people don’t understand.

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Or the terrain could be covered with snow, not actual snow falling

Well that’s not a weather effect as stated, that’s simply a terrain shader, still resource consuming but not nearly as much as rendering falling snow.

I think what was being referred to was falling snow as a weather option as opposed to just differently shaded terrain.

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