Snow Storm Spotting @ CYYZ | March 31st, 2019

Okay, maybe that title isn’t totally true. Here’s a collection of (other) shots from Lufthansa’s Inaugural Day. If you want to see DLH shots you can look at them here but there will be no DLH in this topic.

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Some basic info:
March 31st, 2019
Nikon D7500 w/ AF-P 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 DX VR
12:00 -> 19:30 local time
Airport Road (Runway 23) and Convair Drive (Runway 24R)

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The first arrival I pulled up was a 30 something year old rare MD-82 that I thought had landed an hour ago but apparently not. My dumb self dismissed it as a CRJ and I didn’t set my camera up. Never making that mistake ever again. Anyways, the first arrival I caught (in this blizzard) was this KLM B777-200ER. I don’t understand why it’s the KLM Asia Livery but the aircraft name is “Mount Kilimanjaro”, which is most definitely not in Asia.

Next up is FIN 848, one of AC’s newer 787-9 Dreamliners. It was still snowing fairly hard but I’m happy with how this shot came out.

Finally, the sun came out (for all of about 10 minutes). Isn’t winter lighting great? Here’s a New Livery Dash 8.


Following the Dash was this old livery A330-300. The clouds presented a beautiful opportunity for high-contrast shots.


The last in the “good light” sector was this Rouge A321-200. I have to admit, Rouge’s livery looks really nice in the right light.


China Eastern is a regular visitor to YYZ but still great to see. The 777-300ER is one of the only aircraft their livery looks good on.

Sunwing leased these bad boys from (guess who?). They also leased some Eastern 767-300s and one 767-200 to fill in for their grounded MAX 8 fleet but sadly I didn’t see any of those.

Brussels Airlines comes to YYZ on almost a daily basis but recently they have been sending Eurowings A330-300s. But hey, I’m not complaining and I don’t think any other YYZ spotter is either.

The weather was just absolutely not it for this shot but this is the best looking Dreamliner in my opinion so I just had to share it.

I’m going to skip the rest of the afternoon arrivals because the snow was just too much. Later in the day, I tried my hand at shooting departures for the first time. Here’s BAW doing an unusually shallow climb out of 24R.

Which shot was your favorite?

  • KLM B772
  • AC B789
  • AC Q400
  • AC A330
  • Rouge A321
  • China Eastern B77W
  • TUI/Sunwing B738
  • Eurowings A333
  • WestJet B789
  • British B789

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Thanks for viewing this thread! YUL thread next week :)


These pictures are LIT! 😍 Beautiful pictures man. I liked the Air Canada Boeing 787-9 a lot. Love Toronto and Canada!

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Top notch pictures, especially that KLM 777 in the snow!

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That BA 787 is 🔥

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Thank you! Toronto’s great. Except the weather.

Thank you both!


My man, if only you knew what kind of photos you took… People would literally Kill to have a chance to take pictures that are as beautiful as yours’. Absolutely stunning! I don’t think I’ve seen any snow pictures as good as yours!

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Really nice photos there! Great job - the winter weather definitely makes the planes stand out.


Those are absolutely amazing photos. Great work! :)


It was generally tough to vote on what photo I thought was the best. They were all fantastic! Great shots as always.


Wow that means a lot. Thank you man!

Thanks! Snow is kind of a tricky spotting proposition so I’m glad you enjoyed!

Thanks Ethan!

That’s what I’m shooting for! Thank you!


These photos are outstanding! Really crisp and fine detail given the weather.

Planes always look cooler in the snow.

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God save me from these puns. Thank you though!

Hey! Please post your spotting photos in a different topic.

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I don’t really mind but thank you

WOW Super cool shots

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Thank you!


You are a pro!
These pictures are sick!
Tough to pick a favorite.


I love the pictures! Well done! 😊

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I’m far from that but thank you!


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That British Airways 789 is something straight out of an advertisement. Outstanding work!