Snow squall spotting at MHT | Temporary Routes/Equipment upgrade

Hey everyone!
Yesterday, I went to MHT to spot a United Express ERJ170 that arrived in from Newark, NJ.

Due to the primaries, United has opted to add EWR as a temporary destination from MHT.
Note that Newark was discontinued last year in March, replacing it with Dulles instead.

On the topic of aircraft upgrades, Delta is upgrading their single LaGuardia flight from MHT to the Boeing 717-200 for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here is the video of the Snow Squall sporting. I hope you enjoy!

United ERJ170 EWR route
Ends Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020

Delta Boeing 717-200 LGA equipment upgrade
Back to CRJ200 Wednesday or Thursday night

*Note that Delta has never upgraded their LGA flight to mainline in the past, so this is a first.

Huh that’s interesting, I guess there really is increased demand.

Except no other airlines have added any flights.

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I forgot to mention that these flights are of course bookable.

Pretty upset I won’t be able to fly on Delta’s 717 or United’s EWR route

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I actually have a friend coming back from MHT on Wednesday, I’ll have to ask which flight they’re on

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