Snow Spotting @KBWI 1-14-18

Hey everybody!

Before I get started, I want to start something new. Dedications! This post goes out to…
Jason - For letting me intercept him
@MishaCamp - For giving me a nice British accent for IF-A
@schyllberg - For also letting me intercept him and knowing a lot about Star Wars
@Levet - For flying with me and helping me out a lot
@Chris_S - For also flying with me (and then disappearing)
@DeerCrusher - For greasing 😉 IRL and also killing deer without firearms
@Damian - For living in Toronto
@ewanfleming - For closing topics if I ask for it
@anon66442947 - For being chronically diurnal and hating both BWI and snow

For real though, you guys are the greatest! Looking forward to seeing some of you in June!

Anyways, this past weekend, the Baltimore/DC area finally got some real snow, and I had the chance to go do some spotting as the sun came out for some time.
Hopefully you guys enjoy!

(fore note: I did upload 11 shots, as I could not decide which shots to do without.)

N795AX | ABX Air 767-200 (BDSF) | KBWI-KCVG

N8632A | Southwest 737-800 | KBWI-KPBI

N931WN and N711HK | Southwest 737-700s (Texas One and Herb D. Keheller One)

N953WN | Southwest 737-700 (Silver One-but not painted silver!) | KBWI-KOAK

N7816B | Southwest 737-700 (former Coco One) | KATL-KBWI

N109UW | American A320 | KBWI-KCLT

N8727M | Southwest 737 MAX 8 | KBWI-KLAX

N7703A | Southwest 737-700 | KBWI-KRSW

N8836A | Delta CRJ-200 (operated by Endeavor) | KCVG-KBWI

Seeing double | Southwest 737 MAX 8 x2

N8645A | Southwest 737-800 (Heart Two) | KBWI-KSTL

Hopefully you guys enjoyed! Let me know what you think, it is important to me.
No using my shots without my permission

(I apologize for weird image quality, these shots are not as sharp as when I edited them - its probably a Discourse thing)


Your so lucky (The no longer sliver) Silver One, Lone Star One, and Herb in one day! An avgeeks dream!

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I LUV the Max photos you got. One of my favorites!


Great photos once again. Which runways were they using for arrivals/departures when you went? You stand on a box again to get these photos?

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Departing off of 28, landing on 33L.
I was standing on a crate in the parking lot next to the Midfield cargo area.
I didn’t want to sit down so I didn’t get my butt wet 😂


i think you are crazy for being out in the cold spotting


@anon66442947 It’s called dedication, and a heavy coat
@JacksonAviation only 1.5 hours

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How long were you there for?

@Grizpac did you also NOT get an invite ?

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Oops, my bad 🤭…
Wait, you just said it was too cold to spot!

i could have sat in the car with starbucks


Those B7M8s 😍

nice pics, keep it up and ignore tommy g

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@anon66442947 Starbucks in your car is for babies, man up and face the cold


Yay BWI again my home airport. I’ve said this before how long could you be at BWI and not see a special SWA livery 😂 (you got two in one photo)

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Nice shots!

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Very nice spotting

These shots are out of this world! Amazing work!

These shots are just plane amazing! Keep up the great work! no pun intended lol

Thank you everybody!
@JeromeJ @AndrewWu @N1DG @Joseph007 @Dylan_M @TheCoolPilot


Sick shots! The snow really adds to the picture!