Snow in the Mid-Atlantic to the Crystal Water of the Bahamas

Today I flew a route that I’ve been waiting to fly for a week now, Philadelphia to Nassau. As I’m typing this, it is snowing and 14 degrees so there is no place I’d rather be than in The Bahamas. I took off from a Snowy Philly, flew down the North Carolina Coast before flying over the Atlantic Ocean down to Nassau. I used the American A320 for @AmericanVirtual and my flight time was 2 Hours 11 minutes

Flight Details

Philadelphia to Nassau
American A320
2 Hours 11 Minutes

🇺🇸——— 🇧🇸

No shortage of A320s at the former U.S. Airways hub as we leave the snow of Philly behind The cold winter weather beats down on us as put the gear up and turn south toward the beaches of The Bahamas The Chesapeake Bay from Eastern Maryland A Delta 737-900 passes over us on his way home to JFK from the Dominican Crossing the North Carolina Coast East of Wilmington The first views of The Bahamas from the right wing of the plane The view of Grand Bahama Island as we start to descend toward Nassau Approaching Nassau past the stunning beaches on the North Side of the Island At 200 feet, ready to get on the ground for warmer weather On the ground in Nassau on a warm and blue January day!

As always please let me know your honest thoughts and your favorite photo!


What should I post tomorrow

  • Newark to Honolulu • UA 767
  • Lima to Houston at Sunset • UA 757

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I mentioned this last post, but I’m running out of fun, scenic routes to fly so please mention some for me to add to my list!

You HAVE to fly into Tivat. When I did I had to fly threw mountains on my approach 😍
Sarajevo is also awesome. It‘s a city surrounded by mountains


This is a similar route but either Charlotte to ELH in the AA CRJ 900 or KATL to ELH in the Delta CRJ 900. ELH is a fantastic airport!

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Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll look for fun routes to Sarajevo and Tivat

I might try out of CLT to ELH! Thanks for the recommendation, the Bahamas airports never get old 🇧🇸

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@Pilot_M do you know the airport codes for those airports?

KSEA-PAJN gives you some amazing scenery as you transition from the Great Pacific Northwest to the beautiful mountains of Juneau

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Amazing photos! Love the snow effect!

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Now those are some great snow edits, awesome job once again, @NoahM!

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That’s a good one that I haven’t flown yet, thanks!

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Thanks @Butter_Boi and @Infinite_Flight_Sims I’m happy you guys like the Snow editing!!!


How did you get the wing view in the sixth photo?

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I used free cam and got the angle

Ok thank you!

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