Snow in IF?

Hello everyone!
Does anyone else kinda wanna see snow in Infinite Flight? (Maybe not falling but on the ground?) I thought that some snowy approaches/departures would look super cool and even more realistic during the winter season!

I don’t think this topic belongs in features or anywhere else as for its a general question? Let me know if otherwise!


In theory this would not be two hard to implement for the whole world because you would need to have a effect for the normal terrain to make it white but the hard part would be finding it hard to get snow in realistic areas. This could be fixed however by using a world snow depth chart with the snows coordinates. But it would be hard to implement properly in solo mode because what if someone wanted snow in Dubai.

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Hello, so if you do want to see snow or any other type of weather, please go here. —> #features
Also if there’s no feature request for snow, feel free to make one. Also double check to see if there is a feature request for snow.

(If there isn’t, you can create a feature request and put #weather in tag section. )

Thanks enjoy your day.


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