Snapdragon 720G compatibility / acquaintance

Hi everyone, I hope you are always in good condition and stay healthy… and this is not just a question about ‘what a good device for IF’, however, as per the title, im about to get new devices next year and its time to get the kinda mid-range / malignant or maybe fierce ones.

So, my question is:
Does Infinite Flight already compatible / ‘Be acquainted’ with Snapdragon 720G ? Im Planned to buy Realme 6 pro that have the Snapdragon 720G as the processor
Link to the specified devices specification

after I watch review after review on YouTube, if there is a problem why especially in high graphics settings the device with this processor is still like or some kind of lag (maybe) with this good processor there are still problems like that. Especially for Infinite Flight, are you acquainted, unlocked, compatible & optimized if run on this processor?

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As I have never used or owned a device with this particular SOC, it’s impossible for me to give a 100% accurate answer.

However, what I can say, based on the raw spec sheet, the device should have no issues running Infinite Flight with a balance of Medium/ High settings. The 6-8GB ram and lower screen resolution will also work in favour of the device. I can’t say how well it would perform on long hauls, nor could I say how it would perform at a busy airport. Nobody on the Device Compatibility Thread has reviewed the device yet.

The rest would be down to the device software and how well optimised it is.


Thank you, i appreciate your replies. I have read it all. And pretty sure busy airport should depends on my/our internet connection.

Well, since (but not sure though) this is the first in the world device that use Snapdragon 720G, maybe I can test Infinite Flight for the first time using that processor.

Does this like system operation or ?

A combination of Infinite Flight optimisation and also Android optimisation. A device vendor can do it’s own work behind the scenes on android to allow it to perform better on its hardware, like Google does with its Pixel devices.

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I see, fine, thanks for the explanation. I was just curious how Infinite Flight could ‘‘acquainted’’ with this processor; performance and graphics settings of course :).

my friend have a Redmi Note 9s, and the IF runs smoothly on his phone, but on my s7 Edge there´s a little lag, and he has the Snapdragon 820

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The Snapdragon 820 is built on the older 14nm process and was plagued by overheating and throttling issues. My Xperia Z5 uses the SD821 and that gets brutally hot to the point where I won’t run IF on the device.

Whilst the 820 might beat the 720G just out of pure raw performance, overall the 720G is much more power efficient and has a newer, more powerful graphics processor which is going to boost its longevity. The S7 Edge is over 4 years old, it’s not surprising it will pay a bit.

However the Note 9S you mentioned does use almost identical hardware to the aforementioned Realme 6Pro so that would do well for comparisons sake

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Compatibility issues are actually pretty unlikely with IF, because IF uses the older openGL library. Performance-wise you can’t really know without the actual phone.
Honestly I think the bigger risk is buying a cell phone from a Chinese manufacturer given what happened to Huawei.

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