SN a319, SK 737, LS 757, ZB a321, DY 737, C421 @AGP

Hope I have got the IATA codes right😄. I got a few more photos today at Malaga Airport

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Very good pictures

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Thanks, unfortunately I have no good ones of the Aer Lingus a321 that I flew on😢.

When were jet2 757s added to the fleet?

That’s no problem

The first ones were added in May 2005 and the most recent in May 2012 according to I have another picture of a Jet2 757 without winglets in the normal jet2 livery (the red and grey livery) but there is too much reflection in the glass for even me to post it😄.

Jet2 have 11 757-200’s that they have operated for the last decade.