SmoothTrack Problems

Yes, I am aware that some of this isn’t really related to Infinite Flight, but it’s a bug with an App that has made itself public here, so I’m trying to seek out some help.

The SmoothTrack/OpenTrack combo has been twitching constantly around 2 times every second every time my head moves around, and by far, this has made flying on PC simulators near-impossible.

Using it on IF is fine, so it may be an opentrack issue. If anyone has experience with this, I was wondering if there’s any way to stop it. Thanks!




@epaga is the person you are looking for!

Yeah. Sent him an email a while back. Just trying to get some help ASAP

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Gonna bump this. Still looking for some help

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Hey man - since it works on IF, email is definitely the better route for issues like this (OpenTrack isn’t needed for IF anyways). Sorry I’ve been slow lately, we’ve had a COVID close call in the family.

That said, you could try the USB mode SmoothTrack and see if that helps. Also try a complete reboot of your PC (I had strange jitteriness once and that fixed it). Oh finally try a different port? Could be other devices are somehow interfering on that port?

Thanks for the reply! I’m in class right now, so I’ll let you know when I can do something about it. 👍🏻

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Hey John! Sorry I’m late. Just finished the semester

The reboot worked! No more jitters on my end. Thanks!

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