Smoothtrack experiences, how to mount?

So I broke down and got SmoothTrack for my phone and have been giving it a shot with IF. I do have a qualm with it though - probably just due to how I am trying to use it - I don’t have an iPhone mount. But I’m asking to see if anyone else has given it a run without a mount like me!

When I get everything set up - which takes me about 10 minutes - exhausting - it works well, but the head movement is just too much. And setting it up to be less sensitive, it seems like it isn’t enough. Like, it almost gives me a headache. Am I doing it wrong, am I simply just getting used to it, should I simply be using a mount, period? What if I’m trying to do this on the go without a mount?

I’m fielding the folks out there to see if they have found their happy place with Smoothtrack and if y’all have any tips on setting this brilliant app up to use for maximum enjoyment.

P.s. I was surprised it won’t run on the same device. This definitely would make the user experience more friendly if you don’t have a mount. For me, running IF on my iPad it only makes sense to have an iPhone mount, honestly a mount built onto my iPad itself. Anyone have any tips or experience with this either?

Thanks folks, and thank you @epaga for the app!

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Bump? Anyone?

Whats SmoothTrack?

Face tracking for IF I believe.

Maybe try a phone tripod thing.

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