Smoothest Landings - Ranking

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I can not get IF operations.

I got a -56 there now in an A320, so I am coming closer to the -50 club!

Smoothest landing I have ever done -6 fpm.

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Why not…it’s free…

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inching my way into the -9 club hehe, 12 ft/m to go!

Can I push myself up there with a -6fpm landing In the 757 :)

Added you to the list!

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-50 fpm + club please.Thanks!!

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I think I broke something 😂


+131fpm by Luftwaffle236 sumbission.
+166fpm by Luftwaffle236 submission. http s: (//youtu. be/B8IP3yXWBKY) remove parentheses and space
-7fpm by me submission. (Infinite Flug Raw) Landing at RPVM! - YouTube
All landings in these videos ae done using Infinite Flight.

watch mine at 0.2x speed. luftwaffle’s is slowed down to 0.3x.
also if ops dont work on our phones sadly, we tried everything but nothing so we’re forced to resort there. thank you!

btw, yes. It’s only 3 days since I’ve played IF and my best was -2fpm in a different mobile simulator (RFS to be exact). I was kinda shocked, but if I didnt push down the nose it would be a positive fpm landing which is rare.
Luftwaffle’s best: XP10M +771fpm


4 months later and one dicey (to say the least) final approach into EDDF, at last, broke the -10ft/m barrier… 1% fuel left, gusty x-wind into the aerodome, crabby final, last second rwy change, almost flew my rudder into G-DRIP’s cockpit, (actually managed to miss him by a HAIR!🤏🏽 my apologies🙏🏽)…ugly rudder yank backwards after flare…, all in all not great, but the actual round out, flare, and touchdown, not too shabby…! really squeezed this 300ER till the last drop… hehe… @Thunderbolt

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Is there a limit on how long the flight must be?


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Finally been able to make my IF ops work. Cessna 172 landing, inches closer to proffing my capabiity of doing butters like -7.

Incoming casual server pilots 😂😂

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hahahahahhaa yes I flew in casual but dw I already have grade 2 rn and im doing some medium haul flugs. brb ima try to butter at Dubai later in training

also yes worst landings would have tons of casual server pilots who land like -1900fpm or higher which is meh

I’ve entered the -50fpm club!

nice, congratulations!