Smoothest Landings - Ranking

Most of landings are like -200…I know know. But, I never save my flight reports, so I have no proof. But I am about to land in a couple of hours, and I will be sure to send it here. I hope I butter the landing, but I think I will be in the -100 …lol

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As promised, here is my report . -300.eeee. My app lagged on the moment I started to flare…

Wanted to submit this one for a while

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@Thunderbolt is this still going on or are you discontinuing it?

This should not be a thing! I need someone to explain this to me!

Dear Infinite flight,

Unfortunately I completely forgot about the fact that I got a -16 fpm landing in a 757 months ago. I never really thought about asking what was the world record for the top infinite flight landing. I know that maybe some might think I’m lying about this landing but I can provide Plenty of Proof. Unfortunately the photo has been deleted since this was months ago and the replay because I had too much space on my phone because if IF. Although I do have a TikTok which luckily shows proof that in fact that was my landing. I just wanted to mention this because I didn’t want to be working on topics or just in the community communicating holding a possible world record in my hands not knowing that in fact my landing might’ve been the smoothest landing in infinite flight history. Can someone get a moderator or someone that can possibly confirm that this was a world record or not? Thank you for your time!

![image|277x600, 75%](upload://75QdygYitfMWQKxiRPESsOGq9VM.

So in the first Picture I show proof that it’s actually my account.

In the second link it should be a link to the video on my account. (At the last part of the video is my Landing rate, it was on accident. Basically I didn’t mean to put it in that video. It still works as proof :))

And I’m the last video it should show my landing at that airport where I got 16fpm.

I know what I am and I’m certainly not a liar. I just didn’t think about it because I thought that maybe I wasn’t holding a record and that others would think I’m lying :(.

Please try to See if In fact this is a record or not ;)

Thank you for your time! 🙂


Unfortunately this was months ago and the photo was deleted but luckily I still have it on my TikTok. 🥺 I didn’t realize that my landing could’ve gotten me a place on the board!! I still can? 💬

Below is a picture of evidence that it’s my account.

Thank you for your time!

I copied my previous topic and pasted in this because I don’t know how to link my topic to this one. 🙂

Here you go. To link it, go to the bottom of the topic, and click on the two chainlinks. That should give you a link highlighted in blue. Copy it and post it in the topic of your choice. This will allow it to appear as it looks like above. Hope this helped.

Also, I got a 2 fpm (somehow) on my landing in an E170 but wasn’t using a tracker at the time. Look at the FPM at the moment the spoilers deploy for my landing speed. You can look at the video (anybody who is interested) by going to my YT on my profile and looking at the first video I posted.

You actually luckily read my mind. I was actually just about to do that so I can give them a link to my Previous Topic. I also already sent them my Topic Copied and pasted so that still works. Thank you all for trying to help me take my spot on the leaderboard! 🥺 I also will try to go check out you SPREADING THE BUTTER on your YT. May I catch the name of your YT BTW? 🙂

IF PolandBall_120. For some reason my old one is still named that (don’t click on the old one) but my new one with the video should have the same profile picture as my IFC profile picture.

I’ll make sure to go check it out! 😁

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A link to my Previous Topic showing that I’m not lying about it 🙂

I know that’s how y’all be getting those smooth landings 😀 YALL DONT even cut power at 20 and flare and land realistically

You should. I just didn’t cause I didn’t know I should. I have been cutting power and flaring recently now. That was just a lucky landing.

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I do my landing realistically sir 😂

I’m just kidding about it, don’t take it seriously 🙂😂

-9fpm. 😎

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One of my smoothest landings in a while :)

You should also do this with a short field operation how close can people get to their touch down point that is a huge part of a buttered landing


Sorry, -99 was the best I could do… I need to improve.