Smoothest Landings - Ranking

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oh bruh, have you thought doing a part 2?

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bummer… just when I’d cleared -10ft/m

Put me in I got -6 just now

-50 club? Or no GA allowed?

Screenshot_20210212-070929_Discord made my by friend on a 14h flight. no photoshop.

What about it?

95 fpm. More than butter

Ohhh, didnt notice that there wasnt a -

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This is the only way I can imagine someone getting +124 fpm landing, but there are no sloped runways in IF.

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Uploading: 4837E165-DDA8-4085-BD92-41EC6EC341A2.jpeg… Uploading: BC6E7F3E-FA7E-4F52-B317-9D47FA73C76B.jpeg… Uploading: FFF6B72D-B44F-4C93-8F9A-8E217FCE584E.jpeg… Uploading: A7D4742D-E7D7-49AD-B102-577F642CF0B3.jpeg…

Here are my smoothest landings

-33 fpm bois I’m in the -50 club

Edit: ignore the cruising altitude, it’s my dumb a__ forgot to ascend

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Hi! Just to clarify, I am new here.

I am submitting my accomplishment that is impossible on paper, yet I managed to do it anyway. A positive +316 fpm landing (WR). I have to record the replay footage since i don’t have IF operations. No sloped terrain/glitch involved, purely the work of my talent.

Link of the landing:

@Thunderbolt how did I performed…? 👌

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Ooohhh, I forgot about this thread.

Anyway, did a -8fpm landing a while ago. Here is proof:

(I know its not the full report but Its from January and I only took a screenshot of this)



Oh hello there! i slammed my MD11F in to the tarmac a few days back. Poor nose gear. RIP

I’m just an insane lad who breaks physics all day. And nice to meet you! 😉

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